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Fat Statement - The Custom Button Badge Company

Fat Statement was founded in the summer of 2007, we had been doing similar things within custom prints, creative art and film before and felt like putting it all together ... Fat Statement was born. To this date we have produced more than a million custom Button Badges and Dog tags and we look forward to producing millions more.

We do this because we belive custom Button Badges and similar products is used to either say who you are and what you think; but more importantly to make contact and start conversations with other people. The two things we really want to fight for is the freedom of speech, and giving people more opportunities to meet and talk. We truly believe that if people talked more to eachother, there would be a lot less fuss in the world. Yeah!

Custom Button Badges

We sell Button Badges in two different sizes, 25 and 45 mm (1 and 1 3/4"). The Buttons are made from stainless steel and have a protective plastic mylar that covers the picture. They should withstand normal use, but excessive amounts of water may damage them. That said, some of our customers have reported that they have washed them with their clothes without damage to the Button Badge. We do not recomend this sort of behaviour however since the washing machine may be damaged. Our Custom Button Badges are printed with 300dpi on high-quality matte photo paper using high-end inkjet printers.

Coming Soon: Designer button badges @ btn.me

Fatstatement / Rago AB, Skolv 3, 247 34 S Sandby, Sweden Impressum